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What to do if you are Alone on the Board and Need to Solve Outstanding Governance Issues?

can you do if you are a director/board


What if the organisation has challenges that are not being met and the rest of the Board does nothing?

If you find yourself in a situation where challenges within the organization are not being addressed by the rest of the Board, consider taking proactive steps such as:

Engage in Open Communication: Initiate discussions with other Board members about the challenges and potential solutions. Make sure your concerns are heard and understood.

Collect Data and Information: Gather relevant data and information to support your concerns. Having factual evidence can strengthen your position and encourage action.

Propose Solutions: Present practical solutions to address the challenges. Highlight the benefits of taking action and the potential risks of not doing so.

Advocate for Change: Use your position to advocate for change and encourage other Board members to collaborate on finding solutions.

Form Alliances: Identify like-minded Board members who share your concerns and work together to drive change.

Seek External Expertise: If necessary, suggest bringing in external experts or consultants to provide insights and recommendations for addressing the challenges.

Leverage Board Meetings: Use Board meetings to openly discuss the challenges and potential solutions. Ensure that these topics are included on the meeting agenda.

Consider Legal and Ethical Aspects: If the challenges involve legal or ethical issues, emphasize the importance of addressing them to maintain the organization's reputation and compliance.

Document Your Efforts: Keep a record of your efforts to address the challenges, including communications, proposals, and actions taken. This documentation can be valuable if you need to escalate the matter.

Consider Resignation: If your efforts are consistently met with resistance and the organization's well-being is at stake, you might need to evaluate whether continuing as a Board member aligns with your values and goals.

Remember, navigating board dynamics can be complex, and your approach should be respectful and constructive.

It's important to strike a balance between advocating for change and maintaining a positive working relationship with other Board members.But don't let things drift because if nothing is done then despite short term peace this inevitably leads to long term instability and crisis for your organisation.

Unfortunately this happens too often. Courage is required.

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