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How Does an Organisation Horizon Scan to improve its Resilience?

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Horizon scanning for resilience.

How do you provide horizon scanning to increase a resilient organisation

Horizon scanning is the process of monitoring trends and developments in the external environment that may have an impact on an organization's future. By identifying potential risks and opportunities, organizations can prepare themselves to adapt to changing circumstances and increase their resilience. Here are some steps an organization can take to implement horizon scanning:

  1. Define the scope: Identify the areas that are most critical to the organization's success and focus the horizon scanning efforts on those areas.

  2. Gather information: Collect data and information from a variety of sources such as industry reports, news articles, social media, and expert opinions.

  3. Analyze and prioritize: Analyze the information to identify emerging trends, potential risks and opportunities, and prioritize them based on their potential impact on the organization.

  4. Develop scenarios: Based on the identified trends and potential risks, develop scenarios of potential future events that could impact the organization.

  5. Assess and plan: Assess the potential impact of each scenario on the organization and develop a plan to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

  6. Implement and monitor: Implement the plan and continuously monitor the external environment to identify new trends and potential risks and adjust the plan accordingly.

Overall, horizon scanning should be an ongoing process that is integrated into the organization's strategic planning and decision-making processes. By proactively monitoring the external environment, an organization can increase its resilience and be better prepared to face future challenges.

Horizon scanning must be a continuous process that we must constantly deliver on a broad basis.

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