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An Open Letter to the CIPFA President and Chief Executive Elect- The need for an inquiry into CIPFA'S future

To the CIPFA President and Chief Executive Elect

Given the emerging Corporate governance problems of CIPFA it is now an ideal time for the CIPFA President and Chief Executive Elect to launch an inquiry into CIPFA'S future.

I am therefore writing an open letter to the the CIPFA president and Chief Executive asking them to launch such an inquiry into CIPFA as soon as the new Chief Executive Elect commences his post.

When conducting such an inquiry into CIPFA there are several key points that should be addressed

These points can help identify areas of concern and potential improvements.

Here are some important aspects to consider:

1.Mission and Objectives:

Evaluate CIPFA's mission statement and objectives to determine if they are clear, relevant, and aligned with the needs of the community or cause they aim to serve. Assess whether CIPFA has strayed from its original purpose or if its objectives were unrealistic or poorly defined.

2.Governance and Leadership:

Examine CIPFA's governance structure, including the board of directors, executive leadership, corporate governance and management practices. Assess if there are any conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, or issues related to accountability.

Evaluate the competence and effectiveness of the leadership team in managing CIPFA's operations and finances.

3. Financial Management:

Scrutinise CIPFA's financial practices, including budgeting, financial controls, and reporting. Look for signs of financial mismanagement, such as unsustainable spending, inadequate financial reserves, or inappropriate use of funds and failed projects.

Analyse CIPFA's revenue sources, fundraising strategies, and relationships.

4. Program Effectiveness:

Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of CIPFA's programs and services. Assess whether they are meeting their intended goals and making a meaningful difference in the lives of the intended beneficiaries. Determine if there are any gaps in program design, implementation, or evaluation.


Assess CIPFA's funding efforts and its ability to attract and retain funding as well as qualified staff resources

Evaluate the diversification of funding sources, engagement strategies, and stewardship practices.

Determine if there have been any ethical or legal issues related to funding activities which have been unresolved/outstanding.

6. External Factors:

Consider external factors that may have contributed to CIPFA's challenges, such as changes in the socio-economic environment, increased competition, or shifts in public opinion. Evaluate CIPFA's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities.

7.Stakeholder Engagement:

Assess CIPFA's relationships with key stakeholders, including members, beneficiaries, volunteers, staff, and partners. Determine if there have been any breakdowns in communication, collaboration, or trust. Analyse CIPFA's reputation and public perception.

8. Compliance and Legal Obligations:

Review CIPFA's compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and reporting requirements. Assess whether CIPFA has faced any legal issues, investigations, or regulatory sanctions and whether it has properly dealt with these matters.

9. Organizational Culture:

Evaluate CIPFA's culture, values, and internal dynamics. Assess if there are any signs of toxic work environments, poor morale, or lack of commitment to the mission. Examine CIPFA's organizational policies, procedures, and practices related to staff recruitment, training, and retention especially in the field of conflicts of interest and Corporate Governance.

10. Lessons Learned and Future Recommendations:

Identify lessons learned from CIPFA's challenges and make recommendations for improvement.

Outline specific actions that must be taken to address any identified issues and enhance CIPFA's chances of success in the future.

Conducting such an enquiry into CIPFA will require thorough investigation, sensitivity, and impartiality and must be carried out by an independent body.

Can I ask the CIPFA President and Chief Executive Elect to instigate such an independent enquiry as soon as the CIPFAChief Executive Elect commences his job.

In the light of where CIPFA is at the moment this is an issue that must be tackled.

I look forward to a positive reply to my request.


Roman Haluszczak

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